The chariot

I am a chariot, a chariot driven by five magnificent horses.  My mind controls the reigns of the horses and my dreams directs it toward the destination. The leading horse is the Optimist, the two in the middle are the lively Adventurer and Exuberance followed by the Gregarious and Patience.  

The chariot runs on the wheels of Trust, Integrity, Respect and Gratitude, always shaded by the umbrella of Moral values.

I wish to travel across the seven seas and conquer the five continents. I wish to share my wealth and knowledge with my fellow travellers, especially the younger and the impoverished. And I do wish to imprint myself in the history for the future travellers to inspire.

As I ride through, I need to keep the fitness. I will strive to achieve a stable mind which can see through the obstacles I may face.

Now I am a novice, as I progress to achieve mastery I want fellow travellers to view me as a learning disciple, a trustworthy companion and respectful guide.   

I see far and near, I study the environment, I create my own path, discover new destinations. I never stop, come mountains or swift rivers for I, the chariot can cross them all! Sometimes I cross too deep soon or climb too steep. I may still cross but it may be too long at times. I need to be more careful.

I ride well when I am accompanied by passengers. I ride the best when the journey is challenging and different. The destination should provide glory, to the passengers and to me. The destination itself should be a crossroads to other destinations!


“Uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life”


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